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Roll-over for 2024-2025

Reading Lists (RLO) will be rolled over starting 5th June 2024. This is where published lists are copied, and the copied version is assigned to the next academic year (2024-25). Please check your lists; remove old lists, no longer needed lists; and ensure that all changes to lists are made and published BEFORE this date. Once the rollover is completed, you will see 2 version for each of your published lists, one with the current academic year (2023-2024), and one for the next academic year (2024-2025).

Any new lists you make will have the option to be assigned to 2024-25 from the 4th June, please only do not use this time period until the 10th June. You should not need to use it to create copies of you 2023-24 lists for 2024-25, as this will have happened with our system roll-over.

Any issues please contact us.